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Winder Power specialises in the design, build, deployment and management of power transformers and distribution transformers up to 60MVA.

With a history dating back to 1898, all Winder Power products continue to be designed, hand wound and assembled at the company’s 80,000 square foot factory in Leeds.

Winder serves a wide range of customers in the utilities, renewable energy, and industrial sectors across the UK and internationally. Key clients include SSEPD plc, NIE Networks, Electricity North West, GE Energy, Ineos Chemicals and Air Products.

Winder Power can offer custom designed transformers to suit specific applications. All works are completed in accordance with ISO9001 accreditation and come complete with an appropriate guarantee.

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Power Transformers

At Winder Power it goes right to the heart of everything we do. We design, manufacture, deliver and install the electricity power transformers which play a vital part in the country’s infrastructure.

Distribution Transformers

Winder Power designs and manufactures a range of distribution transformers, complying with the requirements of ESI 35-1 and BSEN60076 (2000) as applicable


Reactors are special transformers that are used widely in AC networks to limit current and to control voltage and load flow.

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  • February 2017
  • 74
  • 1898
  • £16,000,000

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Grangefield House Richardshaw Road, Pudsey, LS28 6QS
Tel: +44 (0)113 2555 666