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Winder Power Ltd are a Made in Yorkshire Gold Member

Winder Power hosts electric breakfast morning!

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This week Winder Power welcomed 30 decision makers from Yorkshire manufacturing and  engineering companies to network, share best practice and enjoy breakfast!

Following a dynamic networking session and initial breakfast of hot butties, Winder Power’s CEO Laurence MacKenzie welcomed the visitors to take a seat while he discussed the business. The group were given an insightful look into the history of Winder Power and the changes the company have had to make following the Brexit vote. Laurence analysed the market trends and diversification needed in the business.

To end the morning the group divided up and set off for the factory tour to see the sheer diversity of the bespoke work Winder Power produces. The tour showed the unique blend of craftsmanship from the highly technical winding through to the new and innovative automation being implemented within the manufacturing process.

What was clear from the morning was the importance Winder Power put on keeping their corporate social responsibility as high as it can be. The team should be incredibly proud to be such an ethical company encouraging and pushing forward fair taxation, national living wages and dedication to the health and safety of their staff.

At the end of the event, Elizabeth MacKenzie - Technical Director stated how happy she was that the group had taken the time out to visit the site and welcomed them all back at any time.